Good ventilation is essential in any working environment if you want to increase well-being and productivity from your staff.

It may seem obvious to have good ventilation in environments that are dusty or where fumes are present, but breathing in stale air in a “clean” environment like an office can also have a negative effect on personnel.

Poor ventilation can cause irritability, tiredness, headaches and recurrent colds therefore it can affect staff performance and morale.

Our expert team can fully assess your individual environment, enabling us to specify and install a bespoke ventilation solution that regulates fresh air supply, temperature and humidity to keep your staff healthy and happy.

Using the highest quality ventilation products our systems are designed to run quietly giving exceptional performance in any workspace or room, by supplying a consistent flow of fresh air.

A good ventilation system removes unpleasant smells, excessive moisture, odours, smoke, heat, dust, airborne bacteria, and carbon dioxide.

The process works by extracting the stale air inside and replacing it with fresh air taken from outside. The air outside may be colder than indoors so we also incorporate air warming in the system.

These warming units operate efficiently by extracting up to 70% of the heat from the out-going stale air to increase the temperature of the incoming fresh air. That means you can enjoy fresh air indoors and still maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity.

Breathing in fresh air will help your staff to concentrate, feel refreshed and be more productive.

Our specialist knowledge and two decades of experience in the air conditioning and ventilation industry means we design and install the ideal ventilation system for your property.